by Tim Birchard

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released September 11, 2016

All music and words copyright 2016 Tim Birchard (BMI)



all rights reserved


Tim Birchard Colorado

Tim Birchard is a musician, engineer, composer, and producer who loves a good story. He loves the unorthodox.

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Track Name: feathers
I found feathers in your hair
And I know you fly
You cannot fool me, I'm aware
And I know you fly

You cannot hide your love from me
You cannot hide your gold

Late at night
when the world's asleep
in the moonlight

I see you dancing
in your sleep
above the world so high

I see you dancing
in your sleep,
Dancing deep inside
Track Name: those wings
It gets cold in the desert
I guess I never realized
The old man didn't laugh, but he wanted to
I could see it in his eyes

There were hardly any headlights
At this hour of the night
A warm coke and some pretzels
They were such a welcome sight

"Where did you get those wings, boy?
Where did you get those wings?
All my life
I've been looking high and low"

"Been on the move forever
You know it's hard to settle down
Seems every time I've found an answer
It just leads me all around

I've been searching for wings like those
Every day and every night"
Sitting there with the steering wheel in his hands
I knew he wouldn't lie

There's a sadness in my bones
I can feel it all the way down
It makes no sense
Why do I feel this emptiness?

The sun is shining
and the grass is green
Why do I feel this way?
What does it mean?

None of my usual distractions
Seems to matter very much

The neighbor's watering her flowers and plants
Newly-widowed as of last Wednesday
What can I do?
What should I say?

High and low...
Track Name: she used to be a dancer
She was so wonderful
in every single way
She used to be a dancer
That's all she would ever say

And she smiled at me
with that look in her eye
And all I wanted to do
was close my eyes and jump

One day she looked at me
and said, "You're so stable"
And I almost fell over
knocked my glass off the table

Don't you know that it has all collapsed?
That I can barely pay my rent?
Or even get out of bed?

Can't you see that everything I loved has died?
That I'm an empty shell
And that there's nothing left?

I was sure she was The One
But I decided to wait...
Just give it 13 weeks
And if it was meant to be, then it will be

Picked up the phone and dialed
And got the answering machine
Living with some guy named "Matt"
I smiled... Guess that was that

And yes, something died
And yes, something else continues
She used to be a dancer
That's all she would ever say

The hallway is empty
and the mirror is clean
No shoes lying by the door
nothing in the washing machine

First meeting
New meeting
Final meeting
Again, and again

Yet, why the tears?
Who is it that disappears?
Tell me, who is here?
Who continues anyway
in spite of it all?

She used to be a dancer
That's all I can say
Track Name: split wide open
Something here is ending
Becoming something else
My intellect has no clue
what is going on

But my heart's about to split
wide open

What am I saying 'goodbye' to now?
And what is on the way?
What is donning its hat and coat
And why can't it just stay
for a little while longer

Because my heart's about to split
wide open

Something has to die
For something else to be born
And my intellect has no clue
What is going on

But my heart's about to split
wide open
Track Name: earth bound
I got so hung up on trying to live
that I missed the whole thing
It was sitting there in front of my nose
Every day and every night

It ain't lying if the Storyteller says so
It must be true if the Storyteller says so

Birds overhead, are they laughing at me
down here on the ground?
Or maybe they don't notice, maybe they don't see
what it's like to be earth bound


Where the spirit meets the bone

Give it time and it will grow
that's what the old man told me
But there's just no way that I can know
Don't let the worry hold me


Where the spirit meets the bone

It ain't lying if it really could have happened
It ain't lying if I thought that it was true
It ain't lying if it makes me look better
keeps me out of trouble
gets me closer to you

Sometimes it feels so dark in this room
Seven windows full of light
I guess I didn't even really know her at all
I guess maybe that's all right


Where the spirit meets the bone
Track Name: amnesia
Oh, My Love...
You don't remember me, do you?

Oh, My Dear...
You can't remember me, can you?

I am the one who holds you
I am the one who knows you

Don't you worry
You will remember me soon...
Track Name: here inside this dream
I fell asleep for a moment
And when I woke up you were here
And now I can't imagine
Anything else so dear

I would give it all away
Just to keep you near

Take my joys and take my loss
And anything else that you come across

Take my memories
and dreams of what might be
There's nothing left to save
here inside this dream
Track Name: keys to the kingdom
Summer's on the way out
And the leaves are turning
Up on the mountain
The fires are burning

So many times this year
I looked up in surprise
Where did the days go?
Where are the nights?

All I know
I've got the keys to the kingdom

When the breeze is blowing
And the sun shines so bright
Get me through the days
And all along the way, see the starry night

As the time speeds up year after year
Ain't no use in complaining

I got the keys to the kingdom
Right here

These feet get tired of walking
And these arms get tired of flapping every day
And I look up to the sky
And I see the birds fly away

And I think, "how many times
would I have loved to live up there anyway?"

That's okay...
I've got the keys to the kingdom right here

The day will come
when they take these feathers off me
and lay them aside
And the night will come when there's no more candle
by the bedside

And the breeze will keep blowing
And the sun will keep shining every day

And you'll have the keys to the kingdom
Right here
You've got the keys to the kingdom
Right here
You are the keys to the kingdom