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warning: contains naughty language

"So What" music video: www.youtube.com/watch?v=7hLEh-D2u10

"Media" music video: youtu.be/KeyFWJTA96M

Behind the Scenes: The Making of "glazed"

Behind the Scenes: The Making of "dumbike"
Part One: www.youtube.com/watch?v=5r6tlAcd3AU
Part Two: www.youtube.com/watch?v=yHIelpAp36A
released 29 June 2013
cover photo: cheryl birchard
all songs copyright pelon 2013
chuck hildner: vocals
justin repath: vocals
tim birchard: vocals, instruments, tape recorder


released August 13, 2013



all rights reserved


Tim Birchard Colorado

Tim Birchard is a musician, engineer, composer, and producer who loves a good story. He loves the unorthodox.

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Track Name: media
media blasts me in the face
what to see, what to taste
tells me what is good and fine
actually all it does is lie

something's popular, something's great
all it does is make me hate
crams its shit down my throat
makes me hurt, makes me bloat

having a hard time seeing the truth
what the fuck
what the fuck

Track Name: trash
wal mart loves you more than god
white trash
a big truck and a tiny rod
white trash

trailer parks and college ball
white trash
your number in a bathroom stall
white trash

morals learned from tv land
entitlement gone out of hand
white trash
Track Name: glazed
why is it you get to walk around
with a stupid grin and not a frown?
you drive like shit and text all the time,
with a glazed look, like everything's fine

you have no clue except
you, you, you,

fuck you
that pisses me off
fuck you
just leave me alone
fuck you
that pisses me off
Track Name: name dropper
you say one thing, but do the other
tell me i'm a friend, but i'm not a brother
act like a dick, pass it off as cool
dress all shiny, but you're no fucking jewel

you've got lots of money, take everything you touch
gather with the families, but you never pay for lunch
you're always changing to fit the atmosphere
tell me i'm the problem, but you're the one to fear

name dropper
Track Name: poised
silent-sneezing, people-pleasing, so afraid
of making waves

insufficient, makes no difference when they're standing
at your grave

now i'm poised to make a punk noise

what if they don't like me?
poised to make a punk noise!
Track Name: so what
so what
if i'm fuckin old
so what
don't do what i'm told
so what
if i'm kinda bold
so what

so what
if i don't belong
so what
if i get it wrong
so what
if you don't like this song
so what

so what
if i choose to feel
so what
if i try to be real
so what
if i refuse to kneel
so what

so what
it's my right
so what
it's my life
so what
Track Name: p.c.
if you don't like it, just walk away
don't see it, just walk away
don't hear it, just walk away
don't say it, just walk away

if you don't make it, just walk away
don't do it, just walk away
don't screw it, just walk away
don't fight it, just walk away


if you don't like me, just walk away
don't show me, just walk away
don't trust me, just walk away
you won't know me, now go away
Track Name: toad (written by a cyclist)
drive around with your bike on your truck
stupid, trendy sticker that says, "dopers suck"
self-important, puffed-up little roadie chump
wanna penetrate your spokes with a bike pump

put on your spandex and train
in the middle of the road
shave your nancy legs
stuck up!
yelling "on your left"
with your stupid skinny jeans
you can't really hang
Track Name: shadow
I drink my beer
try to hide my fear
I talk the talk
don't walk the walk

I yell and scream
don't know what I mean
I yell and shout
try to figure it out

I'm tired, I'm lazy
don't know what I want to do
I drink my beer
I wish I could be true


I drink my beer
I wish I could be true
I drink my beer
I wish I could be you
Track Name: sushi dreams
in my dreams a purple ice cream truck
parks in front of my house almost every day
but instead of loudspeaker noise
they bring sushi and i never have to pay

sushi dreams
Track Name: i'm not happy now
camping, think i'll smoke a cigar
gonna have me some fun, never made it that far
jaime garcia, let the buyer beware
next thing i know, i'm falling out of my chair

i'm not happy now

saturday night, think i'll drink some wine
"just a glass with dinner," but i lose track of time
puking my guts out, filled with sorrow
sad part is i'll feel worse tomorrow
Track Name: dumbike
dentist, lawyer,
office joe
but you're number one on that hog

one of a kind
like all the rest
post that one on your blog

leather chaps and
buckle boots
old glory on your back

we can hear your noise
we can see your pomp
you're just a fashion hack

gonna spend some money
get yourself a sled
gonna be more like a man

twist yer knob
make a loud-ass noise
i can do that in the can
Track Name: closed mind
dfw airport
standing in the food court
6:30 in the morning
waiting for my flight

big ol' line... people waiting for breakfast
at mcdonald's
i wasn't interested

nobody at the chinese food place
i walk up, but they're not serving chinese food yet
it's too early in the morning
all they've got is bacon, eggs, and toast

that's okay
i get that, they're super cool to me
i get coffee, i'm happy

i'm eating my breakfast
this lady walks by with her pre-adolescent daughters
and one of them says, "let's get chinese food"

the mom looks at her
says, "you can't have chinese food for breakfast, are you nuts?"

i wanted to say,
"lady, how many dreams you gonna kill?"

closed mind
pass it down
you know what's coming in 30 years

closed mind
pass it down
more of the same ignorance and fear

a billion chinese people eating chinese food for breakfast every day
Track Name: pooch
shitting on the fucking grass and moving right along
i hate your stupid dog enough to write this fucking song
fuck your dog, fuck your dog, fuck your stupid dog

fuck your stupid dog

smells like ass, rolls in shit, eats it, pukes, and drools
you stupid shit, got a dog, think it makes you cool
fuck your dog, fuck your dog you stupid fucking fool

fuck your stupid dog
Track Name: weak
it drives me nuts
when i don't have the words
to try to tell you
of my hurts

i drink and i yell
tell you it's all fine
but i do the same old shit
all the fucking time

it's one step forward
two to the back
when will i get my fucking
life on track

i feel kind of crazy
i feel like a freak
i'm so fucking frustrated
i'm so fucking weak
Track Name: push
i'm tired, i sleep
wake up, it won't keep
just wanna fall down
in a fuckin heap

don't know what to do but try to push through

feel like shit
every fuckin day
coffee... dismay...
pills on a tray

don't know what to do but try to push through

call me fuckin lazy
you don't know what it's like
it drives me fuckin crazy
you don't fuckin understand me

don't know what to do but try to push through