Chuck Hildner: This Is A Thing (EP)

by Chuck Hildner produced by Tim Birchard

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The 80's punk scene. Chuck was right there. Front row. Still has the scars and the vinyl to prove it. No matter where life has taken him, from his native Los Alamos to Germany to Colorado, and all points in between, he has tirelessly sought out the local punk scene, stage-diving into it head first.

With influences ranging from Jerry's Kidz (not to be confused with "Jerry's Kids") to the Misfits to Minor Threat and way beyond, Hildner distills it all down to that core nugget of pure energy. Spitting, barking, and foaming at the mouth, he is not one to take the music lightly.

This debut release is the result of his passion and his penchant for cutting through the crap. With Chuck's songs, what you see is what you get. Raw and real. Warts and all. Just watching him sing kicked my ass. I urge you to download "this is a thing" and let it kick yours, too.

Tim Birchard
June, 2013


released June 23, 2013

All words & lead vocals: Chuck Hildner
All music & backing vocals: Tim Birchard

Produced by Tim Birchard



all rights reserved


Tim Birchard Colorado

Tim Birchard is a musician, engineer, composer, and producer who loves a good story. He loves the unorthodox.

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Track Name: media
media blasts me in the face
what to see, what to taste
tells me what is good and fine
actually all it does is lie

something's popular, something's great
all it does is make me hate
crams its shit down my throat
makes me hurt, makes me bloat

having a hard time seeing the truth
what the fuck
what the fuck

Track Name: weak
it drives me nuts
when i don't have the words
to try to tell you
of my hurts

i drink and i yell
tell you it's all fine
but i do the same old shit
all the fucking time

it's one step forward
two to the back
when will i get my fucking
life on track

i feel kind of crazy
i feel like a freak
i'm so fucking frustrated
i'm so fucking weak